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Albatross Health

Black Ice Roller for Face Massage Tools

Black Ice Roller for Face Massage Tools

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  • This comprehensive set encompasses an ice face roller and a gua sha tool, working in perfect synergy to elevate both your beauty and overall well-being. Whether integrated into your daily regimen or employed on a weekly basis, these tools enhance skin health, alleviate discomfort, induce relaxation, and reveal the innate radiance of your skin.
  • Elevates blood circulation to diminish puffiness and redness, seals in moisture for enhanced dry skin, and refines pores to thwart blockages. This roller bestows a calm and revitalized sensation to your skin, simultaneously easing tension and alleviating discomfort from sunburn or skin sensitivities.
  • Amplifies lymphatic drainage, countering the consequences of insufficient sleep, subpar diet, or emotional stress. Applying upward pressure, it tautens the skin and diminishes wrinkles, contributing to a well-defined jawline.
  • Crafted from non-toxic gel and materials, the ice roller guarantees safe usage. The gua sha tool, meticulously hewn from natural jade stone, presents a smooth and cool surface for efficacious application.
  • Glide the Gua Sha tool delicately upward along your jawline, cheeks, and nose, subsequently rolling the ice roller across the same areas. Together, these tools coalesce to bestow upon you a resplendent and invigorated appearance each and every day.
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      Freeze the face ice roller for 30 minutes before using

      Massage your skin

      Used on your face, neck, and each part of your body

      Roll back 5-8 minutes

      Roll back and forth for 5-8 minutes on the skin to be massaged and repaired

      Customer Reviews

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      So refreshing!

      I purchased this ice roller when I was dealing with an allergic reaction that left my face hot and swollen. This thing is so freshing and soothing! I really like that it gets cold, but isn't so cold that you can't tolerate it on your skin. It's the right amount of cold, and sustains that temperature for quite awhile. It's easy to use and clean. The only small thing I could mention is that sometimes when it's rolling there is a squeak sound, but it's not really a big deal. Definitely nice to have in the freezer anytime you need it.

      This works great!

      So simple but so effective. I have very fair skin tone and super reactive face that loves to swell at the slightest emotion or allergen. This little roller stays in my freezer in a plastic bag for any time my head and face need soothing. Works great to relieve tension headaches and eases my nausea too. Would fully recommend