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Sure Tape Breast Lift Tape for Larger Breast D-G Cup

Sure Tape Breast Lift Tape for Larger Breast D-G Cup

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  • Introducing the SURE TAPE Breast Lift Tape Kit, meticulously tailored for D-G cup sizes, delivering robust and comfortable support for ample breasts across a range of occasions and outfits.
  • Contained within this kit are the following components: one roll of 2-inch wide breast tape, five pairs of satin breast petals, a pair of silicone nipple covers, and three Skin Sensitivity Test Kits.
  • The boob tape is expertly fashioned from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, rendering it lightweight, breathable, sweat-resistant, and resistant to tearing. The nipple covers, constructed from high-quality silicone, exhibit a gentle, velvety texture that is soothing and friendly to the skin.
  • Eliminating the need for wires or straps, the breast tape proficiently elevates and contours your breasts, ensuring a seamless and imperceptible profile beneath any ensemble. Meanwhile, the nipple covers offer a protective barrier against nipple irritation and chafing.
  • Application and removal of the breast tape are effortless; clear guidance and tips are included on the packaging. This versatile solution is ideal for donning backless, strapless, low-cut, or plunging dresses, tops, swimsuits, and more.
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Customer Reviews

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This wasn’t a bad option!

This product surprised me. I have a quite large chest. I am a 36J and sometimes I like to use tape for when I’m doing sports. Or when I am not using a bra during sexy time. I have very sensitive skin and I really appreciate it that this pack comes with three samples for you to test the adhesive on your skin. I’ve never seen that before but they were pre-cut samples for me to be able to test how it would feel you leave it on for 24 hours to make sure that you don’t have a reaction. That alone deserved a star. Now I think they are right in saying that this does not count for those who are bigger than a G but it’s hard for me to find things for my size and I was impressed as to how much this helped anyways. I would recommend this product to someone who fits in those sizes. I just had to use more tape.

Perfect for big girls

Im a 46 B and I got the large size and it worked perfect can’t necessarily post a picture of my boobs but worked so good kept them up and in place after a long night out!!! Easy to use and perfect amount of sticky! No nip slips here!!

Tape is useful in a First Aid Kit. Nipple covers are ideal for "runner's nips" condition for male.

Not quite sure why I was sent this product for review, maybe I clicked the wrong product or who-knows-what, but here goes...

The "boob tape" is quite stretchy, with an adhesiveness on par with other medical bandages such as the Ace adhesive strips, but the width is wider than the Ace bandages we have used previously. When I was a cop, although I would never need to use maxipads, for instance, since I am a man, I kept these in my ptrol car's First Aid kit because, quite frankly, maxi pads works extremely well for stopping up victims' serious bleeding wounds at crash scenes until proper medical help could arrive. I think this "boob tape" can serve a useful purpose, too, so...into the First Aid Kit it goes. You just never know how or when you might need it.

As for the adhesive nipple covers, I can actually use these. In fact, I have similar nipple covers that are marketed to guys to prevent "runner's nips", which is a common condition where the shirt material rubs constantly over a man's nipples when running and causes extreme irritation and pain, even rednesss. Strangely, the prices for the men's adhesive nipple covers are higher than for the women's, but look and work very similarly.

The pair of pink silicone nipple covers, I suppose, will do the same job as the disposable adhesive nipple covers for "runner's nips". These silicone nipple covers are reusable, which is convenient, and are very thin. I don't know if they would stay on, though, for a 5-mile morning run, but they seem to stick pretty well to the skin. I would recommend cleaning the skin prior to sticking them on your nips prior to pulling your shirt down. Cleaning these afterward is easy enough by using hand soap and warm water, then allowing them to lay flat to dry, with the sticky side up. After they are dry, just put them back onto the clear plastic they came attached to. I could not find a men's equivalent for the reusable silicone nipple covers, probably because they don't work so well for men since we wear the regular adhesive versions for "runner's nips" only, not for fashion or discretion, and we sweat more, possibly, and some men have hairy chests (not me, thankfully).